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rhizomatous begonia with roundish fleshy leaves reddish colored beneath beefsteak begonia , Begonia erythrophylla , Begonia feastii , kidney begonia
any of numerous plants of the genus Begonia grown for their attractive glossy asymmetrical leaves and colorful flowers in usually terminal cymes or racemes begonia
hybrid winter-blooming begonia grown for its many large pink flowers Begonia cheimantha , blooming-fool begonia , Christmas begonia
tuberous or semi-tuberous South African begonia having shallowly lobed ovate leaves and small white flowers Begonia dregei , grape-leaf begonia , maple-leaf begonia
rhizomatous begonia having leaves with pointed lobes suggestive of stars and pink flowers Begonia heracleifolia , star-leaf begonia , star begonia
hybrid fibrous-rooted begonia having broad-ovate green to bronze-red leaves and small clusters of white or pink or red flowers; widely used as a bedding plant Begonia semperflorens , wax begonia
semi-tuberous begonia having peltate leaves and rose-pink flowers; Yemen Begonia socotrana , Socotra begonia
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