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delivery of a fetus by surgical incision through the abdominal wall and uterus (from the belief that Julius Caesar was born that way) abdominal delivery , C-section , caesarean , caesarean delivery , caesarean section , caesarian , caesarian delivery , caesarian section , cesarean , cesarean delivery , cesarean section , cesarian , cesarian section
cancel a claim or belief abjure , disavow , recant , renounce , retract
deny or retract a statement or belief abjure , forswear , recant , renounce
denial and rejection of a doctrine or belief abnegation
system of belief that holds ultimate reality as unknown and unknowable agnosticism
life, Buddhist and Hindu belief in the sacredness of all ahimsa
belief in: the primacy of the Bible; baptism of believers not infants; complete separation of church and state Anabaptism
religious belief that between creature and creator no similarity can be found so great but that the dissimilarity is always greater; language can point in the right direction but any analogy between God and humans will always be inadequate analogy , doctrine of analogy
moral or religious belief, repudiation of all anarchism , nihilism
inanimate objects possessing souls, belief in animism
activity indicative of belief in the superiority of men over women antifeminism , chauvinism , male chauvinism
written defense of a belief apologia
religious belief that God cannot be known but is completely `other' and must be described in negative terms (in terms of what God is not) apophatism
adherent of Arianism (the belief that Jesus Christ was not truly God) arianist
belief that is necessary article of faith
unshakable belief in something without need for proof or evidence article of faith , conviction , strong belief
belief considered to be absolutely true article of faith , dogma
animistic religion of northern Asia having the belief that the mediation between the visible and the spirit worlds is effected by shamans Asian shamanism , shamanism
freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities assurance , authority , confidence , self-assurance , self-confidence , sureness
lack of belief in the existence of God or gods atheism
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