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bellflower common in marshes of eastern North America having lanceolate linear leaves and small whitish flowers Campanula aparinoides , marsh bellflower
European perennial bellflower that grows in clumps with spreading stems and blue or white flowers Campanula carpatica , spreading bellflower , tussock bellflower
bellflower of southeastern United States (Maryland to Georgia) having pale blue flowers Campanula divaricata , southern harebell
bellflower of Europe to temperate Asia having dense spikes of violet-blue to white flowers Campanula glomerata , clustered bellflower
perennial European bellflower with racemose white or blue flowers Campanula persicifolia , peach bell , peach bells , willow bell
bellflower of southeastern Europe Campanula pyramidalis , chimney bellflower , chimney plant
bellflower of Europe and Asia and North Africa having bluish flowers and an edible tuberous root used with the leaves in salad Campanula rapunculus , rampion , rampion bellflower
European bellflower with blue-purple to lilac flowers formerly used to treat sore throat Campanula trachelium , nettle-leaved bellflower , throatwort
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