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bends in divers aeroembolism , caisson disease , decompression sickness
feat in which an acrobat arches the back from a prone position and bends the knees until the toes touch the head back circle
strip consisting of two metals that bends with a rise in temperature bimetallic strip
shape that curves or bends inward concave shape , concavity , incurvation , incurvature
having or distinguished by crooks or curves or bends or angles crookedness
bends in a mountain road esses
skeletal muscle whose contraction bends a joint flexor , flexor muscle
species of Gastrocybe fungus that has a conic cap and a thin stalk; at first the stalk is upright but as it matures the stalk bends over and then downward; the cap then gelatinizes and a slimy mass containing the spores falls to the ground as the stalk co Gastrocybe lateritia
dive in which the diver bends to touch the ankles before straightening out jackknife
game in which one child bends down and another leaps over leapfrog
severe spasm in which the back arches and the head bends back and heels flex toward the back opisthotonos
polyhedron that bends light rays prism
river, stretch of water visible between bends in reach
canal or channel, stretch of water between bends in reach
water visible between bends in river, stretches of reach
stem that bends to ground or grows horizontally runner , stolon
freedom from crooks or curves or bends or angles straightness
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