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percentage of death benefits paid directly to policy holders having a short life expectancy (usually 6 months) advance death benefit
semantic role of the intended recipient who benefits from the happening denoted by the verb in the clause benefactive role , beneficiary
receiver of benefits, property beneficiary
recipient of funds or other benefits beneficiary , donee
activity or gift that benefits the public at large charity
failure to follow a court order that benefits someone else civil contempt
contract between labor and management government wages and benefits and working conditions collective agreement , labor agreement , labor contract
relation between two different kinds of organisms when one receives benefits from the other without damaging it commensalism
analysis of the cost effectiveness of different alternatives in order to see whether the benefits outweigh the costs cost-benefit analysis
insurance benefits paid in case of disability disability benefit
(law) the exercise of the legal right to enjoy the benefits of owning property enjoyment , use
right granted by law or contract (especially a right to benefits) entitlement
clause in a contract that provides for an increase or a decrease in wages or prices or benefits etc. depending on certain conditions (as a change in the cost of living index) escalator , escalator clause
employee extra benefits fringe benefits
giving top executives lucrative benefits that must be paid by the acquirer if they are discharged after a takeover golden parachute
executive's lavish severance benefits golden parachute
government office in a town where information about available jobs is displayed and where unemployment benefits are administered jobcentre
relation between two different species of organisms that are interdependent; each gains benefits from the other mutualism , symbiosis
benefits paid to bring incomes up to minimum levels established by law national assistance , social assistance , supplementary benefit
relation between two different kinds of organisms in which one receives benefits from the other by causing damage to it (usually not fatal damage) parasitism
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