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North American herb with white poisonous berries Actaea alba , doll's eyes , white baneberry , white bead , white cohosh
North American perennial herb with alternately compound leaves and racemes of small white flowers followed by bright red oval poisonous berries Actaea rubra , red-berry , red baneberry , redberry , snakeberry
woolly-stemmed biennial arborescent shrub of tropical Africa and southern Asia having silvery-white prickly branches, clusters of blue or white flowers, and bright red berries resembling holly berries African holly , Solanum giganteum
tropical American tree having small white flowers and aromatic berries allspice tree , Pimenta officinalis
aromatic West Indian tree that produces allspice berries allspice , allspice tree , Pimenta dioica , pimento tree
any plant of the genus Alocasia having large showy basal leaves and boat-shaped spathe and reddish berries alocasia , elephant's ear , elephant ear
deciduous creeping shrub bright red in autumn having black or blue-black berries; alpine and circumpolar alpine bearberry , Arctostaphylos alpina , black bearberry
deciduous shrub of eastern North America whose leaves turn scarlet in autumn and having racemes of yellow flowers followed by ellipsoid glossy red berries American barberry , Berberis canadensis
deciduous North American shrub or small tree having three-lobed leaves and red berries American cranberry bush , cranberry bush , cranberry tree , highbush cranberry , Viburnum trilobum
common elder of central and eastern North America bearing purple-black berries; fruit used in wines and jellies American elder , black elderberry , Sambucus canadensis , sweet elder
large deciduous shade tree of southern United States with small deep purple berries American hackberry , Celtis occidentalis
deciduous shrub of the eastern United States having highly aromatic leaves and bark and yellow flowers followed by scarlet or yellow berries American spicebush , Benjamin bush , Benzoin odoriferum , Lindera benzoin , spice bush , spicebush
evergreen tree of the Pacific coast of North America having glossy leathery leaves and orange-red edible berries; wood used for furniture and bark for tanning Arbutus menziesii , madrona , madrono , manzanita
small evergreen European shrubby tree bearing many-seeded scarlet berries that are edible but bland; of Ireland, southern Europe, Asia Minor Arbutus unedo , Irish strawberry , strawberry tree
evergreen mat-forming shrub of North America and northern Eurasia having small white flowers and red berries; leaves turn red in autumn Arctostaphylos uva-ursi , bear's grape , common bearberry , creashak , hog cranberry , mealberry , mountain box , red bearberry , sand berry , sandberry , wild cranberry
shrub with coral-red berries; Japan to northern India Ardisia crenata , coralberry , spiceberry
tropical American shrub or small tree with brown wood and dark berries Ardisia escallonoides , Ardisia paniculata , marlberry
common American spring-flowering woodland herb having sheathing leaves and an upright club-shaped spadix with overarching green and purple spathe producing scarlet berries Arisaema atrorubens , Arisaema triphyllum , Indian turnip , jack-in-the-pulpit , wake-robin
graceful deciduous shrub or small tree having attractive foliage and small red berries that turn black at maturity and are used for making wine Aristotelia racemosa , Aristotelia serrata , makomako , New Zealand wine berry , wineberry
deciduous shrub of eastern North America having blue-black berries and tough pliant wood formerly used to make arrows arrow wood , southern arrow wood , Viburnum dentatum
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