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militant offshoot of al-Fatah that is the newest and strongest and best equipped faction active in the West Bank; responsible for many deadly attacks in Israel in 2002 Aksa Martyrs Brigades , al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades , Martyrs of al-Aqsa
United States zoologist best known for his interview studies of sexual behavior (1894-1956) Alfred Charles Kinsey , Kinsey
French writer best known for his biographies (1885-1967) Andre Maurois , Emile Herzog , Maurois
Italian who was a Benedictine monk; was archbishop of Canterbury from 1093 to 1109; one of the founders of scholasticism; best known for his proof of the existence of God Anselm , Saint Anselm , St. Anselm
abundant tasteless odorless multivalent nonmetallic element; best known in yellow crystals; occurs in many sulphide and sulphate minerals and even in native form (especially in volcanic regions) atomic number 16 , S , sulfur , sulphur
common nonmetallic element belonging to the halogens; best known as a heavy yellow irritating toxic gas; used to purify water and as a bleaching agent and disinfectant; occurs naturally only as a salt (as in sea water) atomic number 17 , chlorine , Cl
responsibility of a lawyer to act in the best interests of the client attorney-client relation , lawyer-client relation
United States comedienne best known as the star of a popular television program (1911-1989) Ball , Lucille Ball
responsibility of a bank to act in the best interests of the depositors bank-depositor relation
Canadian physiologist who discovered insulin with C. H. Best and who used it to treat diabetes(1891-1941) Banting , F. G. Banting , Sir Frederick Grant Banting
English actor best know for his Shakespearean roles (1907-1989) Baron Olivier of Birghton , Laurence Olivier , Olivier , Sir Laurence Kerr Olivier
French sculptor best known for creating the Statue of Liberty now in New York harbor Bartholdi , Frederic Auguste Bartholdi
aspect, best or most appealing beauty part
show in the best way become
(Old Testament) the youngest and best-loved son of Jacob and Rachel and one of the twelve forebears of the tribes of Israel Benjamin
French composer best known for his operas (1838-1875) Bizet , Georges Bizet
low shrub of the eastern United States bearing shiny black edible fruit; best known of the huckleberries black huckleberry , Gaylussacia baccata
best time of youth bloom , bloom of youth , salad days
Russian writer whose best known novel was banned by Soviet authorities but translated and published abroad (1890-1960) Boris Leonidovich Pasternak , Boris Pasternak , Pasternak
best known variety of brant goose Branta bernicla , common brant goose
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