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something that is conceived to be absolute; something that does not depends on anything else and is beyond human control absolute
relating to the Earth's atmosphere and beyond aerospace
beyond a doubt all right , proven
proven beyond question apodictic , incontrovertible , irrefutable
beyond the bounds of beyond
limit beyond which something happens or changes brink , verge
beam projecting beyond fulcrum and fixed at only one end cantilever
hearing beyond normal perception clairaudience
highest U.S. military decoration awarded for bravery and valor in action `above and beyond the call of duty' Congressional Medal of Honor , Medal of Honor
number beyond counting countlessness , innumerableness
designated limit beyond which something cannot function or must be terminated cutoff
line beyond which it is dangerous to go danger line
charge required as compensation for the delay of a ship or freight car or other cargo beyond its scheduled time of departure demurrage
detention of a ship or freight car or other cargo beyond its scheduled time of departure demurrage
condition or state of affairs almost beyond one's ability to deal with and requiring great effort to bear or overcome difficulty
state of being stretched beyond normal dimensions dilatation , distension , distention
debt, value of property beyond equity
property beyond mortgage or liability, residual value of equity
value of business or property beyond mortgage and liability equity
value of property beyond debt and liability equity
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