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someone who writes their own biography autobiographer
biography of yourself autobiography
biography of one's own life autobiography , memoirs
Scottish author noted for his biography of Samuel Johnson (1740-1795) Boswell , James Boswell
United States writer remembered for his poetry in free verse and his six volume biography of Abraham Lincoln (1878-1967) Carl Sandburg , Sandburg
English writer who is remembered for her biography of Charlotte Bronte (1810-1865) Elizabeth Cleghorn Stevenson Gaskell , Elizabeth Gaskell , Gaskell
English historian and son of Sir George Otto Trevelyan whose works include a social history of England and a biography of Garibaldi (1876-1962) George Macaulay Trevelyan , Trevelyan
English historian who wrote a history of the American revolution and a biography of his uncle Lord Macaulay (1838-1928) George Otto Trevelyan , Sir George Otto Trevelyan , Trevelyan
author of a worshipful or idealizing biography hagiographer , hagiographist , hagiologist
biography that idealizes or idolizes the person (especially a person who is a saint) hagiography
saints, biography of hagiography
notice of someone's death; usually includes a short biography necrology , obit , obituary
short biography profile
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