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attractive domed or flat-topped Asiatic tree having bipinnate leaves and flowers with long silky stamens Albizia julibrissin , Albizzia julibrissin , silk tree
large ornamental tropical American tree with bipinnate leaves and globose clusters of flowers with crimson stamens and seed pods that are eaten by cattle Albizia saman , monkeypod , monkey pod , rain tree , saman , zaman , zamang
slender fern of northern North America with shining chestnut-colored stipes and bipinnate fronds with usually distinct marginal sori Alpine woodsia , flower-cup fern , northern woodsia , Woodsia alpina
spiny shrub or small tree of Central America and West Indies having bipinnate leaves and racemes of small bright yellow flowers and yielding a hard brown or brownish-red heartwood used in preparing a black dye bloodwood tree , campeachy , Haematoxylum campechianum , logwood , logwood tree
handsome tree of central and eastern North America having large bipinnate leaves and green-white flowers followed by large woody brown pods whose seeds are used as a coffee substitute bonduc , chicot , Gymnocladus dioica , Kentucky coffee tree
tropical South American tree having a wide-spreading crown of bipinnate leaves and coiled ear-shaped fruits; grown for shade and ornament as well as valuable timber conacaste , elephant's ear , Enterolobium cyclocarpa
large deeply rooted fern of worldwide distribution with upright bipinnate compound tufted fronds ditch fern , French bracken , king fern , Osmunda regalis , royal fern , royal osmund
attractive East Indian palm having distinctive bipinnate foliage fishtail palm
medium to tall fast-growing tree with orange flowers and feathery bipinnate leaves silky-hairy beneath; eastern Australia Grevillea robusta , silky oak
sweetly scented African fern with narrow bipinnate fronds Mohria caffrorum , scented fern
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