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(Arabic) a loose black robe from head to toe; traditionally worn by Muslim women abaya
black hornless breed from Scotland Aberdeen Angus , Angus , black Angus
member of the Circassian people living east of the Black Sea Abkhas , Abkhaz
autonomous province of Georgia on the Black Sea; a strong independence movement has resulted in much instability Abkhaz , Abkhazia
large blue-grey black-striped damselfish; nearly worldwide Abudefduf saxatilis , sergeant major
tall Australian acacia yielding highly valued black timber Acacia melanoxylon , lightwood
red ladybug with a black spot on each wing Adalia bipunctata , two-spotted ladybug
delicate maidenhair fern with slender shining black leaf stalks; cosmopolitan Adiantum capillus-veneris , common maidenhair , southern maidenhair , Venus'-hair fern , Venushair , Venus maidenhair
autonomous province of Georgia on the Black Sea Adzhar , Adzharia
United States tennis player who was the first Black woman player to win all the major world singles titles (1927-2003) Althea Gibson , Gibson
tree native to southeastern Asia having reddish wood with a mottled or striped black grain amboyna , padauk , padouk , Pterocarpus indicus
glossy black North American salamander with yellow spots Ambystoma maculatum , spotted salamander
brownish-black burrowing salamander of southeastern United States Ambystoma talpoideum , mole salamander
widely distributed brown or black North American salamander with vertical yellowish blotches Ambystoma tigrinum , tiger salamander
large black American bug that sucks sap of vines of the gourd family Anasa tristis , squash bug
black cuckoo ani
black tropical American cuckoo ani
black substance containing char in the form of carbonized bone; used as a black pigment animal black , animal charcoal , bone black , bone char
tuberous perennial having a cowl-shaped maroon or violet-black spathe; Mediterranean; Canaries; Azores Arisarum vulgare , friar's-cowl
United States dancer who formed the first Black classical ballet company (born in 1934) Arthur Mitchell , Mitchell
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