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clear of a charge or blame absolve , acquit , exculpate , exonerate , vindicate
blame or guilt, pronounce free from absolve , exculpate , exonerate , vindicate
formal charge of wrongdoing brought against a person; the act of imputing blame or guilt accusal , accusation
charge with blame accuse
someone who imputes guilt or blame accuser
excuse or explanation to avoid blame alibi
blame or rebuke censure , disapproval , reproof
blame or charge censure , inculpate , reprehend , reproach , reprove
deserving of blame culpable
free from blame exculpate
excuse that clears from blame exculpation
act of freeing from guilt or blame exculpation
clear of blame exonerate , vindicate
condition of being relieved from blame or obligation exoneration
blame, offer excuses to lessen extenuate
excuses, to lessen or attempt to lessen blame with extenuate , mitigate
imputation of blame finger-pointing , fingerpointing
feeling of self-blame guilt
accusation and blame imputation
blame for wrongful act incriminate , inculpate
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