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United States rhythm and blues pianist and singer and composer (born in 1928) Antoine Domino , Domino , Fats Domino
United States guitar player and singer of the blues (born in 1925) B. B. King , King , Riley B King
United States blues singer (1894-1937) Bessie Smith , Smith
instrumental version of the blues (especially for piano) boogie , boogie-woogie
earthy type of jazz combining it with blues and soul; has a heavy bass line that accentuates the first beat in the bar funk
United States blues musician who transcribed and published traditional blues music (1873-1958) Handy , W. C. Handy , William Christopher Handy
any of several attractive evergreen shrubs of Australia grown for their glossy deep green foliage and flowers in rich blues and intense violets hovea , purple pea
youth subculture that began in London in the early 1960s; a working-class movement with highly stylized dress and short hair; listened to rhythm and blues music and travelled on motor scooters mods
combination of blues and jazz that was developed in the United States by Black musicians; an important precursor of rock 'n' roll R and B , rhythm and blues
form of popular music combining the blues and jazz rhythm and blues
performer (and sometimes composer) of rhythm and blues music rhythm and blues musician
genre of popular music originating in the 1950s; a blend of Black rhythm-and-blues with White country-and-western rock , rock 'n' roll , rock'n'roll , rock-and-roll , rock and roll , rock music
fusion of black music and country music that was popular in the 1950s; sometimes described as blues with a country beat rockabilly
improvisational U.S. music style derived from blues, ragtime and gospel music scat
music of southern Louisiana that combines French dance melodies with Caribbean music and blues zydeco
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