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bluish-grey North American hawk having a darting flight Accipiter cooperii , blue darter , Cooper's hawk
silky-foliaged herb of the Rocky Mountains with bluish-white flowers Alpine anemone , Anemone tetonensis , mountain anemone
small pale plant with dense spikes of pale bluish-violet flowers; of high cold meadows from Wyoming and Utah to New Mexico Alpine besseya , Besseya alpina
common North American vine with compound leaves and bluish-black berrylike fruit American ivy , Parthenocissus quinquefolia , Virginia creeper , woodbine
genus of herbs and subshrubs with milky juice and showy bluish flowers; Europe to Asia Minor to Japan and North America Amsonia , genus Amsonia
tall grass with smooth bluish leaf sheaths grown for hay in the United States Andropogon furcatus , Andropogon gerardii , blue stem , bluestem
bluish green aqua
large American heron having bluish-grey plumage Ardea herodius , great blue heron
Arizona timber tree with bluish silvery foliage Arizona cypress , Cupressus arizonica
bluish-white lustrous metallic element; brittle at ordinary temperatures but malleable when heated; used in a wide variety of alloys and in galvanizing iron; it occurs as zinc sulphide in zinc blende atomic number 30 , zinc , Zn
soft bluish-white ductile malleable toxic bivalent metallic element; occurs in association with zinc ores atomic number 48 , cadmium , Cd
soft heavy toxic malleable metallic element; bluish white when freshly cut but tarnishes readily to dull grey atomic number 82 , lead , Pb
largest mammal ever known; bluish-grey migratory whalebone whale mostly of southern hemisphere Balaenoptera musculus , blue whale , sulfur bottom
bluish black fruit-eating bird with a bell-like call bell magpie , currawong
bluish black-striped sea bass of the Atlantic coast of the United States black bass , black sea bass , Centropistes striata
grouse of which the male is bluish-black black grouse
bluish-green herb having sticky stems and clusters of large evening-opening white flowers with much-inflated calyx; sometimes placed in genus Lychnis bladder campion , evening lychnis , Lychnis alba , Silene latifolia , white campion , white cockle
ash of central and southern United States with bluish-green foliage and hard brown wood blue ash , Fraxinus quadrangulata
infant born with a bluish color; usually has a defective heart blue baby
bluish edible crab of Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of North America blue crab , Callinectes sapidus
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