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hole through which an animal may bolt when pursued into its burrow or den bolt-hole
wrench with a closed loop (a socket) that fits over a nut or bolt head box end wrench , box wrench
roundheaded bolt for timber; threaded along part of the shank; inserted into holes already drilled carriage bolt
coupler shaped like the letter U with holes through each end so a bolt or pin can pass through the holes to complete the coupling; used to attach a drawbar to a plow or wagon or trailer etc. clevis
flattened part of a nail or bolt or rivet clinch
hole (usually in wood) with the top part enlarged so that a screw or bolt will fit into it and lie below the surface countersink
lock in which a cylinder rotates to move a bolt; tumblers are pins; inserting the key lifts and aligns the pins to free the cylinder to rotate cylinder lock
lock, springless bolt turned by key dead bolt
bolt that has an attachment that expands as the bolt is driven into a surface expansion bolt
lock with hinged slotted part, secured by pin, bolt, padlock hasp
wrench with a hook that fits over a nut or bolt head hook spanner , hook wrench
bolt that provides a steering joint in a motor vehicle kingbolt , kingpin , swivel pin
lock whose tumblers are levers that must be raised to a given position so that the bolt can move lever lock
nut fitting over bolt lug nut
bolt with a square or hexagonal head on one end and a threaded shaft on the other end; tightened with a wrench; used to connect metal parts machine bolt
bolt and spring-loaded toggle, threaded molly , toggle bolt
small (usually square or hexagonal) metal block with internal screw thread to be fitted onto a bolt nut
block of metal into which a bolt, screw, etc. goes nut
fastener made by screwing a nut onto a threaded bolt nut and bolt
cylindrical tumblers consisting of two parts that are held in place by springs; when they are aligned with a key the bolt can be thrown pin
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