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16th President of the United States; saved the Union during the American Civil War and emancipated the slaves; was assassinated by Booth (1809-1865) Abraham Lincoln , Lincoln , President Abraham Lincoln , President Lincoln
booth for using a telephone call box , phone booth , telephone booth , telephone box , telephone kiosk
booth where a priest sits to hear confessions confessional
booth or newstand kiosk
booth or theater box loge
short pornographic film shown in a small coin-operated booth peepshow
temporary booth in a polling place which people enter to cast their votes polling booth
booth projecting above the floor in the front of a stage where the prompter sits; opens toward the performers on stage prompt box , prompter's box
booth where articles are displayed for sale sales booth , stall , stand
booth for washing yourself, usually in a bathroom shower bath , shower stall
open-air booth stall
window through which tickets are sold (as from a ticket booth) ticket window
booth at a tollgate where the toll collector collects tolls tolbooth , tollbooth , tollhouse
booth in which a person can cast a private vote voting booth
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