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any of various acids containing boron and oxygen boracic acid , boric acid
ore of boron consisting of hydrated sodium borate; used as a flux or cleansing agent borax
boron compound boride
ionization chamber lined with boron or filled with boron trifluoride gas for counting low velocity neutrons boron chamber
English chemist who was a pioneer in electrochemistry and who used it to isolate elements sodium and potassium and barium and boron and calcium and magnesium and chlorine (1778-1829) Davy , Humphrey Davy , Sir Humphrey Davy
acid of fluorine and boron fluoroboric acid
French chemist and physicist who first isolated boron and who formulated the law describing the behavior of gases under constant pressure (1778-1850) Gay-Lussac , Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac
light soft mineral consisting of hydrated sodium borate in crystalline form; an important source of boron kernite
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