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French botanist who categorized plants into families and developed a system of plant classification (1748-1836) Antoine Laurent de Jussieu , Jussieu
United States botanist who specialized in North American flora and who was an early supporter of Darwin's theories of evolution (1810-1888) Asa Gray , Gray
English botanist who accompanied Captain Cook on his first voyage to the Pacific Ocean (1743-1820) Banks , Sir Joseph Banks
Scottish botanist who first observed the movement of small particles in fluids now known a Brownian motion (1773-1858) Brown , Robert Brown
Swedish botanist who proposed the modern system of biological nomenclature (1707-1778) Carl von Linne , Carolus Linnaeus , Karl Linne , Linnaeus
United States botanist and agricultural chemist who developed many uses for peanuts and soy beans and sweet potatoes (1864-1943) Carver , George Washington Carver
German botanist who is generally recognized as founding bacteriology when he recognized bacteria as plants Cohn , Ferdinand Julius Cohn
Dutch botanist who rediscovered Mendel's laws and developed the mutation theory of evolution (1848-1935) deVries , De Vries , Hugo De Vries , Hugo deVries
Augustinian monk and botanist whose experiments in breeding garden peas led to his eventual recognition as founder of the science of genetics (1822-1884) Gregor Mendel , Johann Mendel , Mendel
English botanist who was one of the first to collect specimens of plants (1570-1638) John Tradescant , Tradescant
botanist who specializes in the study of fungi mycologist
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