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vehicular brake that operates by compressed air; especially for heavy vehicles airbrake
cliff brake of California and Baja California having purple-brown leafstalks bird's-foot fern , Pellaea mucronata , Pellaea ornithopus
cylinder that contains brake fluid that is compressed by a piston brake cylinder , hydraulic brake cylinder , master cylinder
disk or plate that is fixed to the wheel; pressure is applied to it by the brake pads brake disk
lining on the brake shoes that comes in contact with the brake drum brake lining
one of the pads that apply friction to both sides of the brake disk brake pad
foot pedal that moves a piston in the master brake cylinder brake pedal
restraint provided when the brake linings are moved hydraulically against the brake drum to retard the wheel's rotation brake shoe , shoe , skid
brake consisting of a combination of interacting parts that work to slow a motor vehicle brake system , the brakes
brake on a bicycle that engages with reverse pressure on the pedals coaster brake
brake with friction pads pressing on disc of wheel disc brake
hydraulic brake in which friction is applied to both sides of a spinning disk by the brake pads disc brake , disk brake
hydraulic brake in which friction is applied to the inside of a spinning drum by the brake shoe drum brake
brake operated by hand; usually operates by mechanical linkage emergency , emergency brake , hand brake , parking brake
hydraulic brake operated by pressing on a foot pedal foot brake
brake system in which a brake pedal moves a piston in the master cylinder; brake fluid then applies great force to the brake pads or shoes hydraulic brake , hydraulic brakes
gear position that acts as a parking brake park
brake on an automobile that magnifies a small force applied to the brake pedal into a proportionately larger force applied to slow or stop the vehicle power brake
sweet colorless, viscous, hygroscopic liquid used as an antifreeze and in brake fluid and also as a humectant in cosmetics and personal care items although it can be absorbed through the skin with harmful effects propanediol , propylene glycol
brake part shoe
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