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breakdown of a cell layer in the epidermis (as in pemphigus) acantholysis
ketone that is an intermediate product of the breakdown of fats in the body; any of three compounds (acetoacetic acid, acetone, and/or beta-hydroxybutyric acid) found in excess in blood and urine of persons with metabolic disorders acetone body , ketone body
habitual intoxication; prolonged and excessive intake of alcoholic drinks leading to a breakdown in health and an addiction to alcohol such that abrupt deprivation leads to severe withdrawal symptoms alcohol addiction , alcoholism , drunkenness , inebriation
breakdown of social order anomie
any of several human or animal diseases characterized by dark urine resulting from rapid breakdown of red blood cells blackwater
mental or physical breakdown breakdown , crack-up
breakdown in living organisms of more complex substances into simpler ones together with release of energy catabolism , destructive metabolism , dissimilation , katabolism
road on which you are not allowed to stop (unless you have a breakdown) clearway
sudden breakdown collapse
pathological breakdown of cells by the destruction of their outer membrane cytolysis
breakdown and ruin debacle
chronic breakdown of cartilage in the joints; the most common form of arthritis occurring usually after middle age degenerative arthritis , degenerative joint disease , osteoarthritis
breakdown of elastic tissue (as the loss of elasticity in the skin of elderly people that results from degeneration of connective tissue) elastosis
cell containing an electrolyte in which an applied voltage causes a reaction to occur that would not occur otherwise (such as the breakdown of water into hydrogen and oxygen) electrolytic cell
process in which an agent causes an organic substance to break down into simpler substances; especially, the anaerobic breakdown of sugar into alcohol ferment , fermentation , fermenting , zymolysis , zymosis
sweet crystalline aldehyde formed by the breakdown of sugars glyceraldehyde , glyceric aldehyde
granular brown substance composed of ferric oxide; left from the breakdown of hemoglobin; can be a sign of disturbed iron metabolism haemosiderin , hemosiderin
enzyme secreted in the digestive tract that catalyzes the breakdown of fats into individual fatty acids that can be absorbed into the bloodstream lipase
plastic surgery involving the breakdown and suction of fatty tissue lipectomy , selective lipectomy
nervous breakdown (not in technical use) neurasthenia
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