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grape bunch, shape of a aciniform
grapes, bunch of acinus
bunch of wires with sharp points barbed wire
flower bunch bouquet
flowers, bunch of bouquet , nosegay , posy
bunch of flowers bouquet , nosegay , posy
bunch of insulated wires cable
chain formerly worn at the waist by women; for carrying a purse or bunch of keys etc. chatelaine
bunch of things in one area cluster
covering or bunch of human or artificial hair used for disguise or adornment false hair , hairpiece , postiche
bovine bunch herd
bunch of pack
bunch of feathers panache
set of enzymes believed to snip pieces off a longer protein producing fragments of amyloid protein that bunch up and create amyloid protein plaques in brain tissue (the pathological hallmark of Alzheimer's) secretase
piece or bunch of dried grain straw
bunch swad
adornment consisting of a bunch of cords fastened at one end tassel
jelly fungus with a fruiting body 5-15 cm broad and gelatinous in consistency; resembles a bunch of leaf lettuce; mostly water and brownish in color Tremella foliacea
bunch of threads or threadlike items growing together tuft
bunch of feathers or hair tuft
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