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butter blended with mashed anchovies anchovy butter
cookie made without butter and flavored with anise seed anise cookie
egg cooked individually in cream or butter in a small ramekin baked egg , egg en cocotte , shirred egg
bread-and-butter basic
sauce made with eggs, butter, herbs, and wine bearnaise
sauce of butter, egg yolk, herbs, vinegar or wine béarnaise
milk thickened with a butter and flour roux bechamel , bechamel sauce , white sauce
butter creamed with white wine and shallots and parsley Bercy , Bercy butter
clarified butter browned slowly and seasoned with vinegar or lemon juice and capers beurre noisette , brown butter
chocolate liquor with cocoa butter and small amounts of sugar and vanilla; lecithin is usually added bittersweet chocolate , dark chocolate , semi-sweet chocolate
reduced red wine with onions and parsley and thyme and butter bourguignon , bourguignon sauce , Burgundy sauce
light roll rich with eggs and butter and somewhat sweet brioche
bouillon or beef stock thickened with butter and flour roux and variously seasoned with herbs or Worcestershire etc. brown sauce , sauce Espagnole
unpleasant smelling fatty acid found especially in butter butanoic acid , butyric acid
cookie containing much butter butter cookie
small dish (often with a cover) for holding butter at the table butter dish
small knife with a dull blade; for cutting or spreading butter butter knife
fatty substance of milk from which butter is made butterfat
residue from making butter from sour raw milk; or pasteurized milk curdled by adding a culture buttermilk
hard brittle candy made with butter and brown sugar butterscotch
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