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small cane of watery or moist areas in southern United States Arundinaria tecta , small cane , switch cane
crystalline amino acid found in proteins and occurring naturally in sugar beets and sugar cane aspartic acid
dry dusty pulp that remains after juice is extracted from sugar cane or similar plants bagasse
brittle transparent candy made by melting and cooling cane sugar barley-sugar , barley candy
weave cane cane
strong slender often flexible stem as of bamboos, reeds, rattans, or sugar cane cane
sucrose obtained from sugar cane cane sugar
dense growth of cane (especially giant cane) canebrake
light brown raw cane sugar from Guyana demerara
light brown cane sugar; originally from Guyana demerara , demerara sugar
plant of the genus Dendrobium having stems like cane and usually showy racemose flowers dendrobium
grasses: chiefly herbaceous but some woody plants including cereals; bamboo; reeds; sugar cane family Graminaceae , family Gramineae , family Poaceae , Graminaceae , Gramineae , grass family , Poaceae
cane used to punish ferule
switch (a stick or cane or flat paddle) used to punish children ferule
simplest amino acid found in proteins and the principal amino acid in sugar cane glycine
translucent crystalline compound found in sugar cane and sugar beets and unripe grapes glycolic acid , glycollic acid , hydroxyacetic acid
pale cane syrup golden syrup , treacle
cane-cutting knife machete
cane made from the stem of a rattan palm malacca , malacca cane
thick dark syrup produced by boiling down juice from sugar cane; especially during sugar refining molasses
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