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enclosed armored military vehicle; has a cannon and moves on caterpillar treads armored combat vehicle , armoured combat vehicle , army tank , tank
ancient brass cannon basilisk
metal stand that formerly held cannon balls on sailing ships brass monkey
greatly developed metatarsal or metacarpal bone in the shank or cannon part of the leg in hoofed mammals cannon bone
solid projectile that in former times was fired from a cannon cannonball , cannon ball , round shot
heavy cannon with a long barrel used in the 16th and 17th centuries culverin
joint between the cannon bone and the pastern fetlock , fetlock joint
cannon, cluster of iron balls fired from grapeshot
cluster of small projectiles fired together from a cannon to produce a hail of shot grapeshot
cannon or similar gun that fires harpoons harpoon gun
fire from a cannon fired at an elevation greater than that for the maximum range high-angle fire
cannon that can be fired at a high elevation for relatively short ranges high-angle gun
cannon with high trajectory, medium velocity howitzer
cord with an attached hook that is used to fire certain types of cannon laniard , lanyard
long swivel cannon formerly used by the navy long tom
cannon of plate armor protecting the forearm lower cannon , vambrace
muzzle loading cannon mortar
cannon, artillery ordnance
cannon emplacement in low-roofed building pillbox
cannon that provides plate armor for the upper arm rerebrace , upper cannon
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