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device for cutting cans open can opener , tin opener
fluorocarbon with chlorine; formerly used as a refrigerant and as a propellant in aerosol cans CFC , chlorofluorocarbon
common bonito of Pacific coast of the Americas; its dark oily flesh cans well Chilean bonito , Chile bonito , Sarda chiliensis
can opener that has a triangular pointed end that pierces the tops of cans church key
fluorocarbon that is replacing chlorofluorocarbon as a refrigerant and propellant in aerosol cans; considered to be somewhat less destructive to the atmosphere HCFC , hydrochlorofluorocarbon
variety of large pea that is commonly processed and sold in cans marrowfat pea
hand tool used for opening sealed containers (bottles or cans) opener
American school of the 1950s that imitated the techniques of commercial art (as the soup cans of Andy Warhol) and the styles of popular culture and the mass media Pop Art
unskilled person who picks up rags from trash cans and public dumps as a means of livelihood ragpicker
cans of film reels
carton containing six bottles or cans six-pack , sixpack , six pack
thin sheet metal (iron or steel) coated with tin to prevent rusting; used especially for cans and pots tin plate
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