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large carp-like North American fish buffalofish
European carp closely resembling wild goldfish Carassius carassius , Carassius vulgaris , crucian carp
family of fish including: carp; tench; roach; rudd; dace Cyprinidae , family Cyprinidae
order of animals including almost entirely freshwater fishes: characins; loaches; carp; suckers; sometimes classified as a suborder of Ostariophysi Cypriniformes , order Cypriniformes
type genus of the family Cyprinidae: carp Cyprinus , genus Cyprinus
small mostly marine warm-water carp-like schooling fishes; used as bait or aquarium fishes or in mosquito control killifish
scaleless domestic carp leather carp
highly seasoned soup or stew made of freshwater fishes (eel, carp, perch) with wine and stock matelote
domestic carp with some large shining scales mirror carp
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