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cask stopper bung
hole in a barrel or cask; used to fill or empty it bunghole
large cask (especially one holding a volume equivalent to 2 hogsheads or 126 gallons) butt
quantity a cask will hold cask , caskful
edge of a cask chime
cask or barrel, small firkin , kilderkin
large cask especially one holding 63 gals hogshead
barrel or cask for 100 gallons hogshead , puncheon
faucet for drawing water from a pipe or cask hydrant , tap , water faucet , water tap
small cask or barrel keg
cask, half-barrel kilderkin
cask material oak
cask, vent plug of spigot , spile
barrel or cask stopper spigot , spile
plug of cask, vent spigot , spile
plug for a bunghole in a cask spigot , tap
device for emptying a cask by tilting it without disturbing the dregs tilter
large cask especially one holding a volume equivalent to 2 butts or 252 gals tun
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