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valuable source of caviar and isinglass; found in Black and Caspian seas Acipenser huso , beluga , hausen , white sturgeon
lake east of the Caspian Sea lying between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan Aral Sea , Lake Aral
river that rises in northeastern Turkey (near the source of the Euphrates) and flows generally eastward through Armenia to the Caspian Sea; ancient name was Araxes Aras , Araxes
port city on the Caspian Sea that is the capital of Azerbaijan and an important center for oil production Baku , capital of Azerbaijan
large region between the Black and Caspian seas that contains the Caucasus Mountains; oil is its major resource Caucasia , Caucasus
mountain range in Caucasia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea that forms part of the traditional border between Europe and Asia Caucasus , Caucasus Mountains
ethnic minority living on the Caspian Sea in southwestern Russia and Azerbaijan Dagestani
spiny shrub of the Caspian salt plains and Siberia having elegant silvery, downy young foliage and mildly fragrant pink-purple blooms Halimodendron argenteum , Halimodendron halodendron , salt tree
landlocked republic south of Russia and northeast of the Caspian Sea; the original Turkic-speaking inhabitants were overrun by Mongols in the 13th century; an Asian soviet from 1936 to 1991 Kazak , Kazakh , Kazakhstan , Kazakstan , Republic of Kazakhstan
river in western Asia; rises in northeast Turkey and flows to the Caspian Sea Kura , Kura River
ancient country in Asia on the Caspian Sea; dominated southwestern Asia from about 100 BC to 200 AD Parthia
city in northwestern Iran near the Caspian Sea Rasht , Resht
republic in Asia east of the Caspian Sea and south of Kazakhstan and north of Iran; an Asian soviet from 1925 to 1991 Turkmen , Turkmenia , Turkmenistan , Turkomen
mountain range in western Russia extending from the arctic to the Caspian Sea; forms part of the traditional boundary between Europe and Asia Ural Mountains , Urals
Russian river; the longest river in Europe; flows into the Caspian Sea Volga , Volga River
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