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catfish common in eastern United States Ameiurus Melas , horned pout , hornpout , pout
South American catfish having the body covered with bony plates armored catfish
large catfish of the Mississippi valley blue cat , blue catfish , blue channel cat , blue channel catfish
freshwater catfish of eastern United States brown bullhead
catfish of the Caribbean area crucifix fish
freshwater catfish of the Nile and tropical central Africa having an electric organ electric catfish , Malopterurus electricus
large elongated catfish of central and eastern Europe European catfish , sheatfish , Silurus glanis
armored catfish family Laricariidae , Laricariidae
large catfish of central United States having a flattened head and projecting jaw flathead catfish , goujon , mudcat , Pylodictus olivaris , shovelnose catfish , spoonbill catfish
electric catfish genus Malopterurus , Malopterurus
electric catfish raad
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