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erect shrub having racemes of tawny yellow flowers; the dried leaves are used medicinally as a cathartic; sometimes placed in genus Cassia Alexandrian senna , Alexandria senna , Cassia acutifolia , Cassia augustifolia , Indian senna , Senna alexandrina , tinnevelly senna , true senna
tasteless colorless powder used medicinally as a cathartic calomel , mercurous chloride
East Indian tree having long pods containing a black cathartic pulp used as a horse medicine Cassia marginata , Cassia roxburghii , horse cassia
purging the body by the use of a cathartic to stimulate evacuation of the bowels catharsis , katharsis , purgation
small erect deciduous shrub having tough white wood and cathartic bark and fruit common spindle tree , Euonymus europaeus
twining plant of Asia Minor having cream to purple flowers and long thick roots yielding a cathartic resin Convolvulus scammonia , scammony
viscid acrid brownish-yellow oil from the seeds of Croton tiglium having a violent cathartic action croton oil
(Na2SO4.10H2O) a colorless salt used as a cathartic Glauber's salt , Glauber's salts
mild cathartic laxative
double salt used in Seidlitz powder; acts as a cathartic potassium sodium tartrate , Rochelle salt , Rochelle salts
effervescing salt containing sodium bicarbonate and Rochelle salt and tartaric acid; used as a cathartic Rochelle powder , Seidlitz powder , Seidlitz powders
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