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celebrate by memorial commemorate
egg-shaped candy used to celebrate Easter Easter egg
colored hard-boiled egg used to celebrate Easter Easter egg
member of a group of Jews who (during the early history of the Christian Church) accepted Jesus as the Messiah; they accepted the Gospel According to Matthew but rejected the Epistles of St. Paul and continued to follow Jewish law and celebrate Jewish hol Ebionite , Nazarene
(Judaism) Jewish holy day celebrated on the sixth of Sivan to celebrate Moses receiving the Ten Commandments Feast of Weeks , Pentecost , Shabuoth , Shavous , Shavuot , Shavuoth
observed in the United States to celebrate the coming of spring; observed in Russia in honor of labor First of May , May 1 , May Day
party of people assembled to celebrate moving into a new home housewarming
lap by the winning person or team run to celebrate the victory lap of honour , victory lap
celebrate loudly maffick , revel , roister
Texans celebrate the anniversary of Texas' declaration of independence from Mexico in 1836 March 2 , Texas Independence Day
(Judaism) the scroll of parchment that contains the biblical story of Esther; traditionally read in synagogues to celebrate Purim Megillah
(Roman Catholic Church) a book containing all the prayers and responses needed to celebrate Mass throughout the year missal
showy public procession to celebrate a ceremonial event parade
3rd Monday in April; Massachusetts and Maine celebrate the battle of Lexington and Concord in 1775 Patriot's Day
Hindu lunar holiday (on the 9th day of Caitra) to celebrate the birth of Rama Ramanavami
(Judaism) a Jewish holy day celebrated on the 22nd or 23rd of Tishri to celebrate the completion of the annual cycle of readings of the Torah Rejoicing in the Law , Rejoicing of the Law , Rejoicing over the Law , Shimchath Torah , Simchas Torah , Simchat Torah , Simhath Torah , Simhat Torah
marriage ceremony, to celebrate in solemnize
celebrate or drink wine wine
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