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town in central Belgium Aalost , Alost
river in north central Switzerland that runs northeast into the Rhine Aar , Aare , Aare River
(physiology) moving of a body part away from the central axis of the body abduction
tall timber tree of central and southern Europe having a regular crown and grey bark Abies alba , Christmas tree , European silver fir
medium to tall fir of central to western United States having a narrow erect crown and soft wood Abies concolor , Abies lowiana , California white fir , Colorado fir , white fir
town in central Kansas west of Topeka; home of Dwight D. Eisenhower Abilene
city in central Texas Abilene
mountainous region of central Italy on the Adriatic Abruzzi , Abruzzi e Molise
disorder in which a lesion to the central nervous system leaves you unable to formulate a statement or to express yourself in an organized manner acataphasia
common shade tree of eastern and central United States Acer negundo , ash-leaved maple , box elder
maple of eastern and central America; five-lobed leaves turn scarlet and yellow in autumn Acer rubrum , red maple , scarlet maple , swamp maple
maple of eastern and central North America having three-lobed to five-lobed leaves and hard close-grained wood much used for cabinet work especially the curly-grained form; sap is chief source of maple syrup and maple sugar; many subspecies Acer saccharum , rock maple , sugar maple
cricket frog of eastern and central United States Acris crepitans , northern cricket frog
Central and South American feather palms Acrocomia , genus Acrocomia
mountain peak in south central Sri Lanka (7,360 feet high) Adam's Peak , Samanala
capital of Ethiopia and the country's largest city; located in central Ethiopia Addis Ababa , capital of Ethiopia , New Flower
(physiology) moving of a body part toward the central axis of the body adduction
inward carrying or conducting to central organ afferent
nerve that passes impulses from receptors toward or to the central nervous system afferent , afferent nerve , sensory nerve
mountainous landlocked country in central Asia; bordered by Iran to the west and Russia to the north and Pakistan to the east and south Afghanistan , Islamic State of Afghanistan
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