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composite speech sound consisting of a stop and a fricative articulated at the same point (as `ch' in `chair' and `j' in `joy') affricate , affricate consonant , affricative
cloth for arms of sofa, chair antimacassar
piece of ornamented cloth that protects the back of chair from hair oils antimacassar
mat on chair or sofa back antimacassar
chair part arm , rung
chair with a support on each side for arms armchair
large fixed adjustable chair in which barbers seat their customers barber chair
chair, leather, armless Barcelona chair
medium to large deciduous tree of the eastern United States; its durable wood is used as timber or split and woven into baskets or chair seats basket oak , cow oak , Quercus montana , Quercus prinus
folding chair for use outdoors; a wooden frame supports a length of canvas beach chair , deck chair
throne that is the official chair of a bishop bishop's throne , cathedra
rocking chair that has a high spindle back and a decorative top panel Boston rocker
tall marsh plant with cylindrical seed heads that explode when mature shedding large quantities of down; its long flat leaves are used for making mats and chair seats; of North America, Europe, Asia and North Africa bullrush , bulrush , cat's-tail , nailrod , reed mace , reedmace , Typha latifolia
light folding chair camp chair
wheel or ball on swivel of chair leg caster
chair leg, rolling ball on caster
couchlike chair with support for legs chaise longue
chair, long reclining chaise lounge
long reclining chair chaise lounge
long chair; for reclining chaise , chaise longue , daybed
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