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broadcast channel airway
major drainage channel from the cephalic part of the body anterior cardinal vein
canal or channel for water, bridgelike aqueduct
water pipe, channel, canal aqueduct , conduit , culvert , flume , main , sluice
former province of northern France near the English Channel (between Picardy and Flanders) Artois
data transmission rate; the maximum amount of information (bits/second) that can be transmitted along a channel bandwidth
in the English Channel a small fleet of British ships successfully defeated the large armada sent from Spain by Philip II to invade England Battle of the Spanish Armada
port city in eastern Mozambique on the Mozambique Channel Beira
French aviator who in 1909 made the first flight across the English Channel (1872-1936) Bleriot , Louis Bleriot
narrowing that reduces the flow through a channel bottleneck , chokepoint , constriction
former province of northwestern France on a peninsula between the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay Breiz , Bretagne , Brittany
city in southern Texas on the Rio Grande near its mouth into the Gulf of Mexico; has a channel that accommodates oceangoing ships Brownsville
gap or channel, narrow canyon , couloir , gulch , gully , ravine , wadi
maximum data rate that can be attained over a given channel channel capacity
any of a group of British islands in the English Channel off the northern coast of France Channel Island
railroad tunnel between France and England under the English Channel Channel Tunnel , chunnel
channel for drainpipes or wiring chase
port town in northwestern France on the English Channel; site of a naval base Cherbourg
sloping channel through which things can descend chute , slide , slideway , sloping trough
pipe or channel for rainwater conduit , culvert
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