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cheap showy jewelry or ornament on clothing bangle , bauble , fallal , gaud , gewgaw , novelty , trinket
cheap drinking and dancing establishment barrelhouse , honky-tonk
fatty matter in bones extracted with solvents or by boiling or steaming; used chiefly in candles and cheap soaps an in lubricating greases bone fat
street in Manhattan noted for cheap hotels frequented by homeless derelicts Bowery
small restaurant serving beer and wine as well as food; usually cheap brasserie
cheap and showy brassy , brummagem , catchpenny , gaudy , tawdry , tawdry
showy and cheap brummagem , gaudy , junky , tawdry
fake, cheap brummagen , gimcrack , pinchbeck
(formerly) a cheap saloon selling liquor by the bucket bucket shop
tastelessness by virtue of being cheap and vulgar cheapness , sleaze , tackiness , tat
cheap hard material made from wood chips that are pressed together and bound with synthetic resin chipboard , hardboard
cheap talk claptrap
deceive with cheap trick or fraud cozen
cheap fiction dime novel
cheap disreputable nightclub or dance hall dive , honkytonk
cheap lodging house dosshouse , flophouse
cheap imitation fake , pinchbeck
cheap dress frippery
cheap or pretentious or vain display gaudery , pomp
in Elizabethan theater: a playgoer in the cheap standing section groundling
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