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cheerful readiness alacrity
cheerful and agreeable mood amiability , good humor , good humour , good temper
atmosphere, of cheerful and warm amiable , congenial
cheerful feeling you have when nothing is troubling you carefreeness , insouciance , lightheartedness , lightsomeness
small European finch with a cheerful song chaffinch , Fringilla coelebs
quality of being cheerful and dispelling gloom cheer , cheerfulness , sunniness , sunshine
cheerful and lively chirpiness
cheerful in atmosphere congenial , gemutlich
feeling of lively and cheerful joy excitement , exhilaration
cheerful, obliging disposition good nature
cheerful willingness to be obliging good-humoredness , good-humouredness , good-naturedness , good-temperedness
easygoing and cheerful lighthearted
cheerful tune lilt
cheerful and joyous merry
feeling sanguine; optimistically cheerful and confident sanguineness , sanguinity
not cheerful solemn
optimistic and cheerful upbeat
cheerful compliance willingness
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