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Scottish sailor who was put ashore on a deserted island off the coast of Chile for five years (providing the basis for Daniel Defoe's novel about Robinson Crusoe) (1676-1721) Alexander Selcraig , Alexander Selkirk , Selcraig , Selkirk
port city on the Pacific in northern Chile Antofagasta
desert in northern Chile rich in nitrate and copper deposits Atacama Desert
depression the floor of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Chile Atacama Trench
nitrate-bearing rock or gravel of the sodium nitrate deposits of Chile and Peru caliche
cape on the Strait of Magellan in southern Chile; the most southern point on the mainland of South America Cape Froward
rocky headland belonging to Chile at the southernmost tip of South America (south of Tierra del Fuego) Cape Horn
capital and largest city of Chile; located in central Chile; one of the largest cities in South America capital of Chile , Gran Santiago , Santiago , Santiago de Chile
fractional monetary unit of several countries: Panama and Italy and Uruguay and Chile centesimo
native or inhabitant of Chile Chilean
monetary unit in Chile Chilean monetary unit
basic unit of money in Chile; equal to 100 centesimos Chilean peso , peso
about the hardiest Podocarpaceae species; prostrate spreading shrub similar to mountain rimu; mountains of southern Chile Chilean rimu , Lepidothamnus fonkii
largest Chilean island and the only one to be settled; located off south-central Chile Chiloe
industrial city in Chile south of Santiago Concepcion
mountain peak in the Andes on the border between Argentina and Chile (21,457 feet high) El Muerto
perennial evergreen herbs with white or pink flowers; Chile Francoa , genus Francoa
small genus of low-growing evergreens of Chile and Australia; some yield dyes genus Lomatia
small genus comprising terrestrial ferns; found in Chile and Spain and Morocco and Australia and New Zealand genus Pleurosorus , Pleurosorus
world's highest volcano; in the Andes in northern Chile; last erupted in 1959 Guallatiri
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