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obstruction of the circulatory system caused by an air bubble as, e.g., accidentally during surgery or hypodermic injection or as a complication from scuba diving aeroembolism , air embolism , gas embolism
blood flowing through the circulatory system bloodstream
exercise intended to strengthen the circulatory system cardiopulmonary exercise
anesthetic that produces anesthesia when injected into the circulatory system intravenous anesthetic
autosomal dominant disease characterized by elongated bones (especially of limbs and digits) and abnormalities of the eyes and circulatory system Marfan's syndrome
drug used as a circulatory and respiratory stimulant; larger doses cause convulsions in shock therapy; Metrazol is a trademark Metrazol , pentamethylenetetrazol , pentylenetetrazol
(pathology) bodily collapse or near collapse caused by inadequate oxygen delivery to the cells; characterized by reduced cardiac output and rapid heartbeat and circulatory insufficiency and pallor shock
membranous structure that functions as the circulatory system in mammal embryos until the heart becomes functional umbilical vesicle , vesicula umbilicus , vitelline sac , yolk sac
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