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array or classify arrange
classify into systematic arrangement catalog , codify , digest
(computer science) a series of operations on data by a computer in order to retrieve or transform or classify information data processing
system used by libraries to classify nonfictional publications into subject categories; the subject is indicated by a three-digit numeral and further specification is given by numerals following a decimal point; publications are shelved by number decimal system of classification , Dewey decimal classification , Dewey decimal system
authorities disagree over whether to classify the genus as bird or dinosaur genus Mononychus
staining technique used to classify bacteria; bacteria are stained with gentian violet and then treated with Gram's solution; after being decolorized with alcohol and treated with safranine and washed in water, those that retain the gentian violet are Gra Gram's method , Gram's procedure , Gram's stain , Gram method , Gram stain
classify too minutely oversort
arrange, classify, or grade rank
classify under subordinate , subsume
general principle, classify under subsume
classify into a more comprehensive category subsume
classify according to kind type
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