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spontaneous removal or casting off of a body part (as the tail of a lizard or claw or a lobster) especially when the organism is injured or under attack autotomy
European forage plant having claw-shaped pods introduced in America babies' slippers , bacon and eggs , bird's foot clover , bird's foot trefoil , Lotus corniculatus
claw of a bear; often used in jewelry bear claw
incised design resembling the claw of a bear; used in Native American pottery bear claw
almond-flavored yeast-raised pastry shaped in an irregular semicircle resembling a bear's claw bear claw , bear paw
crab claw chela
scorpion claw chela
lobster claw chela , nipper , pincer
claw of lobster, crab, scorpion chela , pincer
deformity of the foot characterized by an abnormally high arch and hyperextension of the toes which gives the foot the appearance of a claw clawfoot , pes cavus
Old World ground-living cuckoo having a long dagger-like hind claw coucal
swift agile wolf-sized bipedal dinosaur having a large curved claw on each hind foot; of the Cretaceous deinonychus
dog functionless claw dewclaw
burrowing crab of American coastal regions having one claw much enlarged in the male fiddler crab
small terrestrial ferns of Old World tropics and subtropics: claw ferns; sometimes placed in family Cryptogrammataceae genus Onychium , Onychium
crowbar fitted with a claw for pulling nails jim crow
turkey-sized long-legged fossil 75 million years old found in the Gobi Desert having birdlike fused wrist bones and keeled breastbone and a long tail resembling a dinosaur's; short forelimbs end in a single claw instead of wings; classification as bird or Mononychus olecranus
claw of bird of prey pounce , talon
steel lever with one end formed into a ripping chisel and the other a gooseneck with a claw for pulling nails ripping bar
large (20-ft) and swift carnivorous dinosaur having an upright slashing claw 15 inches long on each hind foot; early Cretaceous superslasher , utahraptor
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