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state of clinical depression in which the person exhibits irritability and restlessness agitated depression
clinical neurological syndrome characterized by muscular twitching and cramps and (when severe) seizures; associated with calcium deficiency (hypoparathyroidism) or vitamin D deficiency or alkalosis apyretic tetanus , intermittent cramp , intermittent tetanus , tetanilla , tetany
branch of medical science that applies biological and physiological principles to clinical practice biomedicine
state of depression and anhedonia so severe as to require clinical intervention clinical depression , depression , depressive disorder
rigorously controlled test of a new drug or a new invasive medical device on human subjects; in the United States it is conducted under the direction of the FDA before being made available for general clinical use clinical test , clinical trial
doctor specializing in clinical studies or practice clinician
practitioner (of medicine or psychology) who does clinical work instead of laboratory experiments clinician
tricyclic antidepressant (trade names Imavate and Tofranil) used to treat clinical depression Imavate , imipramine , impramine hydrochloride , Tofranil
monoamine oxidase inhibitor (trade name Marplan) that is used to treat clinical depression isocarboxazid , Marplan
United States gynecologist and devout Catholic who conducted the first clinical trials of the oral contraceptive pill (1890-1984) John Rock , Rock
syndrome consisting of feigning acute and dramatic illness for which no clinical evidence is ever found Munchausen's syndrome , Munchausen syndrome
monoamine oxidase inhibitor (trade name Nardil) used to treat clinical depression Nardil , phenelzine
clinical trial on a few persons to determine the safety of a new drug or invasive medical device; for drugs, dosage or toxicity limits should be obtained phase I , phase I clinical trial
clinical trial on more persons than in phase I; intended to evaluate the efficacy of a treatment for the condition it is intended to treat; possible side effects are monitored phase II , phase II clinical trial
large clinical trial of a treatment or drug that in phase I and phase II has been shown to be efficacious with tolerable side effects; after successful conclusion of these clinical trials it will receive formal approval from the FDA phase III , phase III clinical trial
laboratory test of a new drug or a new invasive medical device on animal subjects; conducted to gather evidence justifying a clinical trial preclinical phase , preclinical test , preclinical trial
tricyclic antidepressant used to treat clinical depression protriptyline
doctor receiving clinical training resident
physician in clinical training resident
state of clinical depression in which the individual is lethargic and slow to initiate action retarded depression
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