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use of closed-class words instead of inflections: e.g., `the father of the bride' instead of `the bride's father' analysis
plants having seeds in a closed ovary angiosperm , flowering plant
order of fungi having a closed ascocarp (cleistothecium) with the asci scattered rather than gathered in a hymenium Aspergillales , Eurotiales , order Aspergillales , order Eurotiales
abnormal condition in which a normal opening or tube in the body (as the urethra) is closed or absent atresia
any of several weekdays when banks are closed; a legal holiday in Britain bank holiday
closed chain of 6 carbon atoms with hydrogen atoms attached benzene formula , benzene nucleus , benzene ring , Kekule formula
airlift in 1948 that supplied food and fuel to citizens of west Berlin when the Russians closed off land access to Berlin Berlin airlift
chiefly terrestrial turtle of North America; shell can be closed tightly box tortoise , box turtle
cooking slowly in fat in a closed pot with little moisture braising
carriage, 4-wheeled, closed box with front driver's seat brougham
closed political meeting caucus
closed plane curve circle
length of the closed curve of a circle circumference
closed carriage with four wheels and seats for four passengers clarence
morbid fear of being closed in a confined space claustrophobia
closed spore-bearing structure of some fungi (especially Aspergillaceae and Erysiphaceae) from which spores are released only by decay or disintegration cleistocarp , cleistothecium
sound produced by the back of the tongue making contact with the soft palate while lips closed click , suction stop
session (usually of a legislative body) that is closed to the public closed session , executive session
principle that the total linear momentum in a closed system is constant and is not affected by processes occurring inside the system conservation of momentum
finch with a bill whose tips cross when closed crossbill , Loxia curvirostra
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