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European mountain clover with fragrant usually pink flowers alpine clover , Trifolium alpinum
clover of western United States buffalo clover , Trifolium reflexum , Trifolium stoloniferum
Australian clover fern common nardoo , Marsilea drummondii , nardo , nardoo
leafless parasitic vine with dense clusters of small white bell-shaped flowers on orange-yellow stems that twine around clover or flax Cuscuta gronovii , love vine
creeping European clover having white to pink flowers and bright green leaves; naturalized in United States; widely grown for forage dutch clover , shamrock , Trifolium repens , white clover
clover ferns family Marsileaceae , genus Marsilea , Marsilea , Marsileaceae
shortened compact cluster of flowers so arranged that the whole gives the effect of a single flower as in clover or members of the family Compositae flower head
genus of herbs that resemble clover genus Medicago , Medicago
type genus of the Oxalidaceae; large genus of plants having leaves that resemble clover and variously colored flowers usually clustered in umbels genus Oxalis
clover native to Ireland with yellowish flowers; often considered the true or original shamrock hop clover , lesser yellow trefoil , shamrock , Trifolium dubium
water fern of Europe and Asia and the eastern United States distinguished by four leaflets resembling clover leaves Marsilea quadrifolia , water clover
erect to decumbent short-lived perennial having red-purple to pink flowers; the most commonly grown forage clover purple clover , red clover , Trifolium pratense
clover with four leaves quatrefoil
hard green Swiss cheese made with skim-milk curd and flavored with clover sapsago
leaflets, clover with three small shamrock
clover with three leaves shamrock , trefoil
cornstalks as fodder, hay made from clover stover
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