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cocktail made with vodka and spicy tomato juice Bloody Mary
cocktail made with vodka and beef bouillon or consomme bullshot
cocktail of cold cooked crabmeat and a sauce crab cocktail
rum cocktail daiquiri
cocktail made with rum and lime or lemon juice daiquiri , rum cocktail
cocktail with onion Gibson
cocktail made of gin or vodka and lime juice gimlet
cocktail made of gin and sweet vermouth gin and it
cocktail made of creme de menthe and cream (sometimes with creme de cacao) grasshopper
cocktail hour happy hour
cocktail made of vodka or gin and orange juice and Galliano Harvey Wallbanger
cocktail of sweet vermouth, whiskey, bitters Manhattan
cocktail made with whiskey and sweet vermouth with a dash of bitters manhattan
cocktail drink made of tequila and salt around the rim of the glass margarita
cocktail made with tequila and lime juice margarita
cocktail made of tequila and triple sec with lime and lemon juice margarita
cocktail made of gin (or vodka) with dry vermouth martini
cocktail made of whiskey and bitters and sugar with fruit slices old fashioned
cocktail garnishment olive
cocktail made of gin and brandy with lemon juice and grenadine shaken with an egg white and ice pink lady
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