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costal region of Antarctica south of Australia; noted for its large colonies of penguins Adelie Coast , Adelie Land , Terre Adelie
medium-sized penguins occurring in large colonies on the Adelie Coast of Antarctica Adelie , Adelie penguin , Pygoscelis adeliae
revolution of the American colonies against Great Britain; 1775-1783 American Revolution , American Revolutionary War , American War of Independence , War of American Independence
social insect living in organized colonies; characteristically the males and fertile queen have wings during breeding season; wingless sterile females are the workers ant , emmet , pismire
state in New England; one of the original 13 colonies Bay State , Granite State , MA , Massachusetts , New Hampshire , NH , Old Colony
predominantly photosynthetic prokaryotic organisms containing a blue pigment in addition to chlorophyll; occur singly or in colonies in diverse habitats; important as phytoplankton blue-green algae , cyanobacteria
Venezuelan statesman who led the revolt of South American colonies against Spanish rule; founded Bolivia in 1825 (1783-1830) Bolivar , El Libertador , Simon Bolivar
association of nations consisting of the United Kingdom and its dependencies and many former British colonies that are now sovereign states but owe allegiance to the British Crown British Commonwealth , Commonwealth of Nations
marine or freshwater animals that form colonies of zooids Bryozoa , phylum Bryozoa , polyzoa
sessile aquatic animal forming mossy colonies of small polyps each having a curved or circular ridge bearing tentacles; attach to stones or seaweed and reproduce by budding bryozoan , moss animal , polyzoan , sea mat , sea moss
(biology) the basic structural and functional unit of all organisms; they may exist as independent units of life (as in monads) or may form colonies or tissues as in higher plants and animals cell
English statesman who served as prime minister and who opposed the war with the American colonies (1730-1782) Charles Watson-Wentworth , Rockingham , Second Marquis of Rockingham
North American swallow that lives in colonies and builds bottle-shaped mud nests on cliffs and walls cliff swallow , Hirundo pyrrhonota
concerning the original 13 colonies colonial
act of colonizing; the establishment of colonies colonisation , colonization , settlement
one of the 13 British colonies that formed the original states of the United States Colony
New England state; one of the original 13 colonies Connecticut , Constitution State , CT , Nutmeg State
one of the British colonies that formed the United States Connecticut , Delaware , Georgia , Maryland , Massachusetts , Massachusetts Bay Colony , New Hampshire , New Jersey , New York , North Carolina , Pennsylvania , Rhode Island , South Carolina , Virginia
legislative assembly composed of delegates from the rebel colonies who met during and after the American Revolution; they issued the Declaration of Independence and framed Articles of Confederation Continental Congress
Mid-Atlantic state; one of the original 13 colonies DE , Delaware , Diamond State , Empire State , First State , Free State , Keystone State , Maryland , MD , New York , New York State , NY , Old Line State , PA , Pennsylvania
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