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command that is the primary provider of air combat weapon systems to the United States Air Force; operates fighter, bomber, reconnaissance, battle-management, and rescue aircraft ACC , Air Combat Command
combat pilot ace
(military) a station located near a combat area for giving first aid to the wounded aid station , dressing station
condition in which combat aircraft are airborne and ready for an operation air alert
protective covering made of metal and used in combat armor , armour
military combat vehicle on wheels with light armor (and usually a machine gun) armored car , armoured car
group of people trained for combat army
first experience in combat or ordeal baptism of fire
prolonged bombardment of British cities by the German Luftwaffe during World War II and the aerial combat that accompanied it Battle of Britain
military area where combat forces operate combat area , combat zone
casualty to military personnel resulting from combat combat injury , injury , wound
extra pay for soldiers engaged in active combat combat pay
combat support agency in the Department of Defense responsible for developing and operating and supporting information systems to serve the needs of the President and the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff Defense Information Systems Agency , DISA
logistics combat support agency in the Department of Defense; provides worldwide support for military missions Defense Logistics Agency
army unit large enough to sustain combat division
combat between two persons duel
most decorated United States combat pilot in World War I (1890-1973) Eddie Rickenbacker , Edward Vernon Rickenbacker , Rickenbacker
(ancient Rome) a professional combatant or a captive who entertained the public by engaging in mortal combat gladiator
act of engaging in close hand-to-hand combat grapple , grappling , hand-to-hand struggle , wrestle , wrestling
member of the Nepalese force that has been part of the British army for 200 years; known for fierceness in combat Gurkha
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