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woman who guided Dante through Paradise in the Divine Comedy Beatrice
comedy that uses black humor black comedy
United States comedian who pioneered comedy television shows (born 1922) Caesar , Sid Caesar , Sidney Caesar
comedy missile coconut cream pie
actor in a comedy comedian
female actor in a comedy comedienne
ballet that stresses the drama with features of comedy comedy ballet
Italian comedy of the 16th to 18th centuries improvised from standardized situations and stock characters commedia dell'arte
Italian poet famous for writing the Divine Comedy that describes a journey through hell and purgatory and paradise guided by Virgil and his idealized Beatrice (1265-1321) Dante , Dante Alighieri
comedy characterized by grim or satiric humor; a comedy having gloomy or disturbing elements dark comedy
satirical comedy farce
comedy, exaggerated farce
light comedy farce
comedy characterized by broad satire and improbable situations farce , farce comedy , travesty
United States comic actor in silent films; he used physical danger as a source of comedy (1893-1971) Harold Clayton Lloyd , Harold Lloyd , Lloyd
United States novelist whose best known work was a black comedy inspired by his experiences in the Air Force during World War II (1923-1999) Heller , Joseph Heller
sophisticated comedy; often satirizing genteel society high comedy
text of a popular song or musical-comedy number language , lyric , words
United States slapstick comedy duo who made many films together Laurel and Hardy
comedy characterized by slapstick and burlesque low comedy
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