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comment, very critical animadversion
comment in book margins annotation , marginalia
comment or instruction (usually added) annotation , notation , note
actor's comment aside
stage comment aside
biting comment barb
belittling comment belittling , denigration
company of actors who comment (by speaking or singing in unison) on the action in a classical Greek play chorus , Greek chorus
comment, object getting conversation piece
comment on in detail descant , discourse , expound
additional comment footnote
court order restricting information or comment by the participants involved in a lawsuit gag order
comment in interruptive way interject , interpose
witty comment or writing jeu d'esprit
kitty comment meow , miaou
brief comment note
comment in passing obiter dictum
explanatory comment parenthesis
phrase, word, etc. inserted to add explanation or comment parenthesis
comment on another's action or choice second-guess
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