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capital of Belarus and of the Commonwealth of Independent States capital of Belarus , Minsk
British colonial financier and statesman in South Africa; made a fortune in gold and diamond mining; helped colonize the territory now known as Zimbabwe; he endowed annual fellowships for British Commonwealth and United States students to study at Oxford Cecil J. Rhodes , Cecil John Rhodes , Cecil Rhodes , Rhodes
any of the countries in the British Commonwealth commonwealth country
self-governing commonwealth associated with the United States occupying the island of Puerto Rico Commonwealth of Puerto Rico , Porto Rico , PR , Puerto Rico
one of the self-governing nations in the British Commonwealth Dominion
Indo-European language belonging to the West Germanic branch; the official language of Britain and the United States and most of the commonwealth countries English , English language
independent state within the British Commonwealth located on the Fiji Islands Fiji , Republic of Fiji
island state in the West Indies in the southeastern Caribbean Sea; an independent state within the British Commonwealth Grenada
mountainous island; the largest of the Solomon Islands in the independent state that is a member of the British Commonwealth Guadalcanal
embassy of one British Commonwealth country to another High Commission
landlocked monarchy in southeastern Africa; member of the commonwealth that achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1968 Kingdom of Swaziland , Swaziland
independent country within the British Commonwealth; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1907; known for sheep and spectacular scenery New Zealand
republic in central Africa; formerly controlled by Great Britain and called Northern Rhodesia until it gained independence within the commonwealth in 1964 Northern Rhodesia , Republic of Zambia , Zambia
largest island in the Northern Marianas and the administrative center of the commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands in union with the United States Saipan
southern Solomon Islands that since 1978 form an independent state in the British Commonwealth Solomon Islands
northernmost islands are part of Papua New Guinea; the remainder form an independent state within the British Commonwealth Solomon Islands , Solomons
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