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qualities that are comparable comparability , compare , comparison , equivalence
extinct plants having tall arborescent trunks comparable to or more advanced than cycads; known from the Pennsylvanian period; probably extinct since the Mesozoic era Cordaitales , order Cordaitales
quality of being diverse and not comparable in kind heterogeneity , heterogeneousness
quality of being similar or comparable in kind or nature homogeneity , homogeneousness
disaster comparable to a nuclear meltdown meltdown
noncommissioned officer in the navy with a rank comparable to sergeant in the army P.O. , petty officer , PO
any fundamentalist Protestant church that uses revivalistic methods to achieve experiences comparable to the Pentecostal experiences of the first Christian disciples Pentecostal religion
inactivity that is passive and monotonous, comparable to the inactivity of plant life vegetation
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